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When it was announced in late 2016 that Georges “Rush” St-Pierre would return after a self-imposed retirement it made more than a few jaws drop. After four years away from the Octagon, many questioned whether former pound-for-pound kingpin Georges St-Pierre could recapture his place among the top of the UFC heap.

To be fair, four years is an eternity in mixed martial arts and the former welterweight champion was now 36. Yes, St-Pierre is obsessed with training and always being in top physical form, but as they say, Father Time is undefeated.

On top of that, St-Pierre (26-2) announced that he would not return to the welterweight division but to the heavier middleweight division to challenge Michael “The Count” Bisping.

So much for easing back into it.

Bisping (30-8) is by no means an easy out for anyone. His striking is superb and his ability to pop back up after getting taken down is equally impressive. Plus, his confidence, always on display, was at an all time high after defeating a murders row of competition: Silva, Rockhold (via KO), and Henderson. That’s pretty damn impressive.

At UFC 217, St-Pierre announced his return in dramatic fashion with a third round submission of Michael Bisping to win the UFC middleweight championship.

Where does it rank in GSP’s top five wins? Let’s take a look…

5.) GSP vs BJ PENN 2 (UFC 58 – JAN. 31, 2009)

Since their first meeting in 2006 at UFC 58, a split decision win in GSP’s favor, St-Pierre had won the UFC welterweight championship for the first time by defeating Matt Hughes, lost the title in one of the biggest upsets in MMA history to Matt Serra, and won it again by defeating Hughes and Serra again in definitive fashion.

Enter “The Prodigy” who wanted another crack at “Rush.” Penn was the defending UFC lightweight champion who eagerly wanted to recapture the UFC welterweight title. He was also on a three fight win streak.

Penn earned the nickname “The Prodigy” on the mats, so takedowns didn’t scare him. Plus, he had knockout power if the fight stayed upright. On paper, this was an even match-up that could cause GSP fits.

On paper.

Instead, on January 31, 2009, GSP put on a striking clinic for the world to see. Despite Penn shrugging off three solid GSP takedown attempts in the first round, GSP earned a TKO (corner stoppage) to keep and defend his championship belt.

4.) GSP vs CARLOS CONDIT (UFC 154 – NOV. 17, 2012)

One head kick. One perfectly timed left head kick nearly changed the UFC welterweight landscape as we know it.

In the third round of this epic fight, “The Natural Born Killer” Carlos Condit caught GSP with a head kick that sent the champion to the canvas. Condit pounced, and looking to end the fight, dropped heavy elbows that did damage to the champ.

GSP weathered the storm, got back to his feet, picked the challenger up, then sent Condit to the mat with a thunderous slam. The crowd went wild.

In the end, GSP earned a hard fought unanimous decision over the game “NBK” and MMA fans worldwide got to witness one of the best welterweight championship fights of all time.

3.) GSP vs NICK DIAZ (UFC 158 – MARCH 16, 2013

You take GSP’s squeaky clean, ultra good guy attitude and mix it with the ultra aggressive, middle finger flipping, f-bomb dropping Nick Diaz and you’ve got good theatre.

Top it all off with a guy, in Diaz, who has the fight credentials to back up the sh*t talking and you’ve got a helluva recipe for great mixed martial arts.

Oh, and throw in the UFC welterweight championship to boot.

Roll the footage…

 2.) GSP vs MICHAEL BISPING (UFC 217 – NOV. 4, 2017)

See above. This is a classic fight and one of GSP’s best victories to date.

 1.) GSP vs MATT HUGHES 2 (UFC 65 – NOV. 18, 2006

Two legends enter the Octagon. One leaves as the new UFC welterweight champion with a Knockout of the Night bonus.

GSP came full circle from his first fight with Hughes, a submission loss, and this time didn’t let the nervousness of fighting one of his idols get to him.

Matt Hughes was in his second reign as UFC welterweight champion, just a year and a half removed from his legendary Submission of the Year win over Frank Trigg. Hughes had just beat Royce Gracie and BJ Penn by TKO in succession.

The table was set.

GSP delivered.

What do you think? Are these Georges St-Pierre’s greatest victories? Let us know in the comments below who you think should be included (or removed) from our rankings!

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