Dewayne Beamon on making 2018 his banner year and the advice that keeps him humble



The buzz surrounding Dewayne Beamon only continues to grow as the up-and-coming boxer continues to make a name for himself with slick moves and devastating power. A super flyweight fighter with true knockout power, a million dollar smile and a super hero physique will only help his cause as he continues to climb the world rankings. His next opponent, Angel Ramos, is no slouch in the ring and will be his biggest test to date as bigger fights, and purses, loom in the distance.

In this episode, Beamon talks about how and why he started boxing later in life, how he balanced college and multiple sports while training at night, and what his mother said when he told her he was boxing against her wishes. Plus, he’ll share the words of wisdom given to him by an unlikely source and why it keeps him humbled.

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